Why Your Social Isn't Driving Business (And How To Fix It) By MTO Agency CEO and Founder, Gretchen Fox

5 Steps to Social Success

5 Steps to Social Success

Every CEO, marketing executive and entrepreneur that comes to my agency wants to see that magic hockey stick skyrocketing up and to the right on a sales graph. Everyone likes to casually reference the seemingly-overnight successes of products like Oculus Rift or “that time” when Oreo’s dominated the Super Bowl on Twitter. We get it, we love shiny objects, too.

And yes, with social, campaigns can become viral, and yes — brilliant, amazing moments are possible. But take just a minute to envision something more. Something much bigger. Something much more powerful. Something like a giant current of electricity connecting every man, woman and child across the globe. A power so strong and capable, that it can move entire countries of people to protest in the streets and spark viral videos to spread across the globe like a wildfire on a dry night.

Now imagine for a moment... (Read the rest of this article on Forbes here)

Posted on August 14, 2014 .