It's Time to Standardize Social: Introducing The Social System

In my last blog post, No, it’s not you–Social Media Advice Really Is All Fluff, I called for social professionals to take action and set some standards to improve our industry.

Today, I’d like to share the simple, straightforward, easy-to-follow, systematic and scalable approach my business partner, Kyra Reed, and I have identified (and visualized) for how to develop a social strategy and program. We are calling it The Social System.

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No, It's Not Just You--Social Media Industry Advice Really Is All Fluff

Social Professionals, we need to talk.

The social media industry on the whole is so littered with top-ten-ways-to-do-this and five-ways-to-do-that tactical listicles that it’s misleading people about the true value and complexity of social. This is a substantial issue and one propagated by too many so-called “influencers”.

If you are a social media professional, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Many of the “thought-leaders” in our industry have achieved their position by flooding the internet with fluff content — an ongoing barrage of tips, tools and best practices — none of which address the actual issues and challenges facing social professionals.

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Why Your Social Isn't Driving Business (And How To Fix It)

5 Steps to Social Success

5 Steps to Social Success

Every CEO, marketing executive and entrepreneur that comes to my agency wants to see that magic hockey stick skyrocketing up and to the right on a sales graph. Everyone likes to casually reference the seemingly-overnight successes of products like Oculus Rift or “that time” when Oreo’s dominated the Super Bowl on Twitter. We get it, we love shiny objects, too.

And yes, with social, campaigns can become viral, and yes — brilliant, amazing moments are possible. But take just a minute to envision something more. Something much bigger. Something much more powerful. Something like a giant current of electricity connecting every man, woman and child across the globe. A power so strong and capable, that it can move entire countries of people to protest in the streets and spark viral videos to spread across the globe like a wildfire on a dry night.

Now imagine for a moment... (Read the rest of this article on Forbes here)

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