The Future is Bright


Did you know your brain is wired to remember stories more than facts? Amanda Coolong dropped this little bit of knowledge on us during the undeniably cool MLOVE Confestival held in Monterey week before last. (Their next event is in a castle in Berlin, btw.)

Did you know kids are generating new neural pathways we never did and never will because of technology?  Peter Biddle shared this plus about 1000 more bits of brilliance during the recent Gov 2.0 conference held by Gov Tech pioneer Alan W. Silberberg. (You can watch the entire thing here, Peter's part begins at the 50 min mark.)

Did you know there is a secret door in the back of your heart? Inner space Explorers can discover this yourself by downloading ($3) and following the mind-blowing meditation.

These are just a few of the discoveries I have made in the almost three weeks since I last wrote a post.

I also saw futurists show cars that can drive themselves, augmented reality glasses beyond Google Glass, and predictions for computers that will be ownerless, changing to the needs of whomever walks by.

While these are all amazing discoveries, the ones that are the most evoking to me are the ones where a path was created, a path connecting the mind to the emotional being.

These are the discoveries with unmatched potential. This is the bleeding-edge I live and die by -- the place where technology and humanity meet. This is the play space where we have only scratched the surface. This is the place "social" is destined to grow up and evolve.

We have been creating communities -- some of us have even managed to bridge online and offline. We have created second screen experiences where audiences watch and engage -- some of them actually work. We have even created amazing interactive environments both online and offline.  This is just the beginning.

It's time to breathe life and human connection into our efforts. It's time businesses take full advantage of their new abilities to virtually walk, and talk, and connect with customers in real-time. It's time to develop real and interactive online presences for the characters of the entertainment properties we know and love. It's time we create stories our users can explore on any device and any platform, each giving a unique experience and value. It's time we project fully immersive in-home 3D digital experiences into living rooms around the world.  

What I have (affectionately) dubbed the "Web of Tears" is over -- we have the technology and we have the know-how. We have finally arrived and the rodeo has begun -- which is why, today, we are launching a Zine -- to do our part and share the brilliant work we uncover during our own exploration with the businesses, brands and bands we work with at grtchnfx.

This week, Zine #1: we bring you photos from the magical STEAM Carnival, Shout Outs to good Samaritans, amazing interactive campaigns, and much, much more!  

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As always, we'd love to get your thoughts and feedback.

Forward Ho!

By Gretchen Fox, Social Architect at grtchnfx