#BAMF Award 1 -- Aaron Koblin


Brilliant artist, designer, and technologist. There's a reason Aaron gets our 1st  BAMF Award -- barely over 30, Aaron has already achieved two GRAMMY nominations, has what seems like the best job at Google, and is a fixture at the bleeding-edge GAFFTA art gallery (not to mention the MoMA in New York City).

Our BAMF Q&A with Aaron:

gf: Facebook or Instagram:
ak:  Gmail
gf: Twitter or Text?
ak:  Gmail
gf: Your favorite person to follow online:
ak:  Mr.doob
gf: Biggest risk you have ever taken:
ak:  Getting a degree in Fine Art
gf: Most exciting thing you are working on:
ak:  Top secret
gf: Next event you are attending:
ak:  Eyeo
gf: Best burger joint:
ak:  Umami Burger
gf: Truth or Dare:
ak:  Truth
gf: What is the strangest thing you own?
ak:  A 23andMe account
gf: What do you think Smurf meat tastes like?
ak:  Heaven

Examples of Aaron's amazing work:

This Exquisite Forest

An online collaborative art project that lets users create short animations which build off one another as they explore a specific theme. The result is a collection of branching narratives. A collaboration with Chris Milk, The Tate Modern, and Google Creative Lab. On display at the Tate Modern in London through 2012.  

 The Wilderness Downtown

An interactive HTML5 short created with data and images  around   the neighborhood you grew up in. Set to Arcade Fire's song "We Used to Wait," the experience takes place through choreographed browser windows and utilizes many modern browser features. A collaborative effort with Google Creative Lab and Chris Milk.


A dynamic sculpture inspired by the volume and behavior of an idealized cloud. Made from polycarbonate tiles that can fade between transparent and opaque states, its patterns are transformed periodically by real time weather data from around the world. An installation in the San José International Airport with collaborators Dan Goods of NASA's JPL, and Nik Hafermaas of Art Center College of Design.

See more of Aaron's work.

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By Gretchen Fox, Social Architect at grtchnfx