#BAMF Award -- Alan W. Silberberg


After more than 20 years at the intersection of government and technology, Alan W. Silberberg has an eye for spotting and creating important trends. Alan is Founder of Siberberg Innovations and the esteemed Gov20LA Conference. He is also a contributing writer at Huffington Post. We are thrilled to have the chance to sit down and ask the cutting-edge leader of such an important space our 10 Questions!

gfx - Facebook or Instagram?

AWS - Fb.

gfx - Twitter or Text?

AWS - Twitter and text together sitting in a tree.

gfx - Your favorite person to follow online?

AWS - Dalai Lama.

gfx - Biggest risk you have ever taken?

AWS - Suing a foreign nation's government.

gfx - Most exciting thing you are working on?

AWS -Turning gov20la into massive movement while also helping people.

gfx - Next event you are attending?

AWS - Blackhat.

gfx - Best burger joint? 

AWS - Anywhere with buffalo burgers.

gfx - Truth or Dare?

AWS - Truth.

gfx - What is the strangest thing you own? 

AWS - Heavy glass white house Easter eggs and wooden white house Easter eggs.

gfx - What do you think Smurf meat tastes like? 

AWS - Bleu cheese.

Posted on July 7, 2013 .