#BAMF Award 3 -- Peter Biddle


Peter Biddle is nothing short of brilliant -- with roots tied to the beginnings of American Independence, Peter carries the torch of independent and future-thinking to his work in technology. Currently, Peter is General Manager, Cloud Services Platform at Intel Corporation and describes himself as a guy who enjoys “building kick-ass products and platforms with wicked smart people.”

Our BAMF Q&A with Peter:

gfx - Facebook or Instagram?                                                                                             

PB - Both! although I use Flickr for pics as well.

gfx - Twitter or Text?                                                                                                            

PB - Twitter for people, txt for persons.

gfx - Your favorite person to follow online?

PB - I don't have just one favorite. But I want to shout out to @PokitDok - I've known Lisa & Ted since forever & they are doing really cool stuff in personal health.

gfx - Biggest risk you have ever taken?                                                                            

PB - Oh god, only one? When it was under construction I climbed the iron work for the Seattle convention center, at night & in the rain, suspended above the I5 freeway. Stupid risky.

gfx - Most exciting thing you are working on?

PB - I can't tell you that yet. But it's awesome. My people are kick ass.

gfx - Next event you are attending?

PB - I do 10-12 events a year but we are in a bit of a lull right now. IDF in September might actually be my next one.

gfx - Best burger joint? 

PB - Zippys Burgers in White Center, WA - number 11, tots, vanilla malted shake.

gfx - Truth or Dare? 

PB - truth, unless I'm trying to game out a specific dare, in which case dare.

gfx - What is the strangest thing you own? 

PB - I own a potato picker's harness. No matter how shitty my day is going,
whomever wore that professionally probably had shittier days than mine.

gfx - What do you think Smurf meat tastes like?                                                               

PB - Back in high school Smurfette used to say to me "once you've tried blue,
you'll never be through!". I obviously can't comment directly but I also
 won't call her a liar.


Posted on June 28, 2013 and filed under grtchnfx.