Why Do So Many Brands Sound Like A High School Cheerleader On Social Media? By MTO Agency CEO and Founder, Gretchen Fox

Seriously though, why does every company sound the same? If your company’s social channels don’t sound like a teenage cheerleader is writing them, I am willing to bet that it sounds like a sarcastic Gawker writer instead. Those are pretty much the only two personas brands have adopted for their online presence and it’s created an awful wash of indistinguishable, repetitive noise. It’s no wonder your “fans” are tuning out.

So, why does everyone sound the same?  I’ll tell you exactly: because you jumped right into “doing social media” without the proper process. I can even tell you how this unfolded: somebody (hopefully, someone within your organization) told you or another leader within your organization that the company HAS to be on social (hopefully, this happened in 2006 and not 2015) and after a lot of convincing they were finally given the approval to “just go”. And they did. They set up your company profiles and started posting content and answering questions.

Since then, (hopefully) your company’s social efforts have grown, you might even have a full social media team covering everything from customer service to community management to content marketing to social ad buying and even full-time social data scientists. And you guys might be really great at all of the above. But — if every single blog post, Facebook status update, tweet and snap does not sound unique to your brand — you missed a step. Don’t sweat it, it’s easy to resolve.

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By Gretchen Fox, Co-founder at [made to order]