NEW BAMF Q&A -- Daniel Bedingfield


Gaining insight from successful people is a passion for us -- and the driving force behind our BAMF (Bad Ass MotherF*cker, in case you didn't know) Q&A series. 

This time, we chatted with pop star, singer-songwriter, and anti-human trafficking activist -- Daniel Bedingfield to discover what makes him tick -- and, um, bite.

gfx - Facebook or Instagram?
DB - Insta cos Facebook is dead.

gfx - Twitter or Text?
DB - Text for ma peeps, twitter for ma fans and ma heroes.

gfx - Your favorite person to follow online?
DB - It would be writers like Orson Scott Card or Game of Thrones Author George RR Martin. But they don't Tweet. 

gfx - Biggest risk you have ever taken?
DB - I funded, directed, produced, performed, lit, shot, co-edited, co-colored, and released my own music video to a song I wrote, performed, produced and released. Secret fear. Its just won the Best Music Video award at its 5th film festival and climbing over a quarter million views with no promotion. .

gfx - Most exciting thing you are working on?
DB - Please contact my management partner. She can fill u in on my new single.

gfx - Best event you are attending this summer?
DB - Burning Man! Its home to me.

gfx - Best burger joint? 
DB - I love in-n-out with a passion that could devour cities. And I have.

gfx - Truth or Dare? 
DB - Dare, Gretchen, you know me.

gfx - What is the strangest thing you own?
DB - An ego. That thing is WACK man! Way out of line. Need some integration maybe, lol.

gfx - What do you think Smurf meat tastes like?
DB - Chewy like marshmallows, slight taste of bubblegum around the edges, kinda like biting a Haitian girl's bum.

And there you go folks. we have a feeling Daniel knows exactly what he's talking about ;)


Posted on September 9, 2013 .