Top 5 Mistakes With Onboarding And Managing Junior Social Media Employees With MTO Agency CEO and Founder, Gretchen Fox

With the enormous demand for social media and content creation, marketing executives and business owners alike are bringing on more and more junior staff — and rightly so. Young and hungry team members are great for organizations. And since they are now digital natives, these young workers have a real, intuitive handle on social communications and can easily find their way around new technology in short order.

At our agency, we love and rely heavily on young social pros. We not only work with and train them but we mentor them, as well. We are always very excited to have their perspective, their insights, their take on youth culture and their boundless ideas. These are all extremely important contributions that should not be discounted; however, at the same time, there are some real risks that must be considered. Unfortunately, we are seeing a trend of businesses making very risky decisions with their new, very young teams — and unnecessarily so.

There are some easy ways to take advantage of junior employees while protecting your business, I put together our top five insights for you here:

Face Stats: You Are Missing The Entire World Of Social Media, MTO Agency CEO and Founder, Gretchen Fox

As my business partner, Kyra Reed and I work to crack the code to social media and help set much-needed industry standards, we continue to peel back the onion and reveal critical points where companies are failing — and failing hard.

And to really get this, you’re going to have to wipe clean your current understanding of social media and open your mind to see things differently. I mean, you can hold onto your preconceived notions but if you ever want your business to realize the full power of social, you know, the potential I keep talking about

Something much more powerful. Something like a giant current of electricity connecting every man, woman and child across the globe. A power so strong and capable, that it can move entirecountries of people to protest in the streets and spark viral videos to spread across the globelike a wildfire on a dry night.

Yes, that kind of power. But to really harness the full power, you’re going to have to do something uncomfortable. You are going to have to admit to yourself that you might not be doing it right.

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